High Definition® (HD)

The HD’s unique lens properties take “danger zone” imaging beyond what other cross view mirrors can achieve in terms of image size, focus and overall clarity.

High Definition® (HD) image

High Definition® (HD) image

High Definition® (HD) small image
High Definition® (HD) small image

Convex Evolution Continues

With the aid of computer technology, the High Definition's advanced performance lens was designed to maximize the view around the vehicle while minimizing the reflected image of the vehicle itself. Unlike most convex mirrors, the HD's lens is designed with two convex focal points. This "Bi-Optical" design provides greater size, clarity and image recognition of those objects in the danger zone.

No other mirror focuses imaging in all the right places like the HD!

HD Applications

  • School Bus
  • Truck
MLC Part#Description
180-370Black Arms
180-380Black Arms, Htd.
180-390Stainless Arms
180-395Stainless Arms, Htd.