Rosco products are designed by Rosco to exacting specifications to ensure precision performance, long life and satisfying service. The company was founded by product design engineers and a passion for technical design continues to drive company operations today. What that means for customers is that Rosco employs the best product development staff in the industry and provides them with the latest software and equipment to ensure customers that product designs perform at the highest level of satisfaction.

Visually Precise Models and Products
Rosco conducts computer-aided vision studies to ensure mirror assemblies and their placement, provide optimum coverage for the driver. Rosco is the leading mirror supplier to the school bus industry – the most safety conscious of all commercial vehicle markets. Our technologies are scrutinized and proven on a theoretical level before the first product is made and tested. Mirror glass and acrylic lens are manufactured to rigorous strength and quality requirements, and are available in numerous configurations including flat, multiple convex and elliptical surfaces, safety glass, tinted, signal light LED, and heated. Most mirror products offer both hand adjustable and four way motorized remote operation.

Aerodynamic Design
Rosco’s engineers submit all new mirror assemblies to computer-simulated wind tunnel testing to ensure vibration and noise are minimized, wind velocity and travel is harnessed to preserve lens clarity, and that mirror assemblies will withstand the rigors of use on local, overland, and off-road routes.

Custom Design Services
Rosco offers custom design services to help OEMs bring new vehicles to market with the best in visual safety equipment whether currently available or not. 3-D files are accepted by Rosco with OEM indicated driver eye points, and returned to OEMs with mirror design and lens renderings incorporated.