Utilizing a revolutionary asymmetrical shaped mirror lens, the Eye-Max® LP is Rosco's most popular crossview mirror line.

Eye-Max®  image

Eye-Max®  image

Eye-Max®  image

Eye-Max®  image

Eye-Max® LED down lit crossview mirror

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Eye-Max®  small image
Eye-Max®  small image
Eye-Max®  small image

Asymmetric Cross View Mirror System

The Eye-Max® represents the next step in the evolution of cross view mirrors. It improves on the performance of the already successful Hawk-Eye® and Mini-Hawk-Eye® mirrors which have been the “Workhorses” of the school bus industry for the past fifteen years. The novelty of the Eye-Max® is the revolutionary asymmetric shape of its mirror lens. Different sections throughout the mirror yield optimum viewing parameters for specific danger zones around the bus. These asymmetric mirror divisions are designed to increase image-size and coverage in all areas around the bus.

  • Enhanced definition (larger image) of passengers passing through the danger zones around a school bus
  • Lower profile reduces forward blind spots
  • Enhanced coverage of dangerous passing traffic on driver side during load and unload stops
  • Surpasses System “B” mirror requirements per FMVSS-111

On July 18th 2011, New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed a law that requires convex/cross view mirrors to be placed on the front of large

trucks being driven in New York City and other NYS cities with a population of 1,000,000+. The new law is designed to eliminate blind spots directly in front of large vehicles which have conventional full front hoods. Under the law, all large trucks registered in New York State with a maximum gross weight of 26,000 pounds and higher are required to be equipped with a convex mirror positioned in front of the bumper to see targets 12” away, 36” above the ground, and across the full width of the vehicle.
The Eye-Max® LP Cross View Mirror System fulfills the New York State law requirement and much more. The asymmetric design of this unique mirror lens provides the driver with optimal views of specific danger zones in front of, and around the vehicle. The reflected images in the Eye-Max® LP Mirror System provide up to a 33% increase in image size. One mirror mounted to the front left or right side of the hood is all that is needed to comply with the law. Although the mirror head comes standard with a shatterproof acrylic convex lens, Rebound®auto return technology allows the mirror assembly to move out of harm’s way when the mirror head or arm is struck, and return automatically back to the original position thus “rebounding” back in place. This innovative breakaway feature helps prevent expensive hood damage when mirrors are hit, will reduce mirror maintenance, and most certainly will keep the mirror in the right place for effectiveness and full legal compliance.

Eye-Max® Mirrors for Trucks
ACR3003Eye-Max® Replacement Mirror Lens
3810Complete Right Side Eye-Max® Assembly
3811Complete Left Side Eye-Max® Assembly
3810LEDComplete Right Side Eye-Max® LED Assembly
3811LEDComplete LeftSide Eye-Max® LED Assembly
5360HEye-Max® Replacement Mirror Head, Heated
5360Eye-Max® Replacement Mirror Head
Eye-Max® Mirrors for School Buses
5360Eye Max® Mirror Head only, with Tunnel Mount System
5365Eye Max® Mirror Head only, with Ball Stud Mount System
5360HEye Max® Mirror Head only, with Tunnel Mount System heated
5360IHEye Max® Mirror Head only, with Tunnel Mount System heated, w/internal connector
5365HEye Max® Mirror Head only, with Ball Stud Mount System heated
5365IHEye Max® Mirror Head only, with Ball Stud Mount System heated, w/internal connector