Double Nickels™

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0049EHY - Stainless Steel

The popular Double Nickels™system has served the industry for over 15 years with thousands of original installations still in service. This solid veteran provides a compact, hand-adjustable view to the rear and along the sides of the bus.

Other Double Nickel Options:

Four-Mirror Kits (Without Arms)

MLC Part #Description
56-121" Unheated
56-131" Heated
56-143/4" Unheated
56-153/4" Heated

Replacement Parts

MLC Part#Description
56-71Unheated Flat Glass
56-72Unheated Convex
56-73Heated Flat Glass
56-74Heated Convex
56-1Torsion Bar
56-23/4" Post
56-33/4" Cap
56-41" Cap
56-51" Post
56-17Flat Glass Only
56-18Convex Glass Only
56-16-11Cap for Cat's Paw on Double Nickel
74-4-2315/15-18 x 7/8" Bolt
74-171-44 Corner Clips w Screws
74-2315/16 x 7/8" Bolt (For Torsion Bar)