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Rosco’s Vice President of Engineering, Ben Englander Discusses How Emerging Technologies Can Help to Achieve Vision Zero at the 2016 Vision Zero Cities Conference.

March 23rd, 2016

Queens, NY – Ben Englander, Vice President of Engineering at Rosco Vision Systems, participated as a panelist at the Vision Zero Cities Conference hosted by Transportation Alternatives at the NYU Kimmel Center, earlier this month. The panel consisted of experts in the safety technology field from AAA, Sidewalk Labs, Zendrive as well as Rosco. The main topic of discussion was the use of technology in vehicles and how they help or hinder the safety of pedestrians and cyclists on busy, congested streets.

Vision Zero is a worldwide safety initiative focused on preventing vehicle to pedestrian collisions and bringing traffic deaths to zero.

Rosco and Mobileye®   have partnered to bring The   Shield+ Pedestrian Collision Avoidance System. The Mobileye® Shield System is the latest technological advancement for preventing collisions between vehicles and vulnerable road users (VRUsincluding pedestrians and cyclists. VRUs often are not seen by the bus or vehicle operator due to large blind spots around the vehicle, especially when making turns on busy city streets. Bus operating conditions on congested, urban streets demand the highest level of awareness by the vehicle operator. Shield+ increases awareness and safety for the driver and VRUs around the bus to prevent collisions.

The Mobileye®    Shield+ technology is a multi-sensor solution that provides drivers with alerts when VRUs are in a blind spot or danger zone of the bus. The unique side-sensing feature alerts the operator to pedestrians and cyclists in the bus’ path, before an incident occurs, giving the operator time to react and avoid the collision. Rosco’s Vision Quest Bus is equipped with the Mobileye®   Shield+ System; the latest technological advancement for preventing collisions with VRUs including pedestrians and cyclists.