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Rosco Introduces New Chrome AccuStyle® FD Mirror for Fire Apparatus

January 20th, 2016

Rosco has launched a new line for fire apparatus that incorporates design aspects of the aerodynamic AccuStyle® and the versatile OpenView® mirror series.

Queens, NY – Rosco Vision Systems expands their Public Safety product depth by introducing the new AccuStyle® FD mirror series for fire apparatus applications. The new FD series offers the best of both worlds from the AccuStyle® and OpenView® designs. The AccuStyle® FD incorporates a full flat 8” x 15” AccuStyle® mirror head and an 8” x 6” convex OpenView® mirror head on a loop style arm. The loop style arm and detent mount offers maximum stability with minimum vibrations for increased visibility.

The standard OpenView® mirror system is a dynamic two head mirror configuration which offers a “view” between flat and convex mirror heads for drivers who prefer to have a non-continuous image transition in the mirror lenses. The OpenView® head configuration allows for adjustable forward sightline views around the two separate mirror heads. Incorporating the “open” nature of this design increases visibility and safety for the fire apparatus operator and pedestrians.The smooth, aerodynamic shape and light texture of the AccuStyle® lowers wind drag which can lead to cost savings through greater fuel efficiency. The FD assembly’s concealed wire harnessing allows for a seamless design to the vehicle. Employing lightweight materials and construction principles, the heavy duty “spin” structure isolates the mirror from vibrations.

“We designed the AccuStyle® FD mirror to assist with the complex driving environments that apparatus operators face. The FD mirror helps increase visibility for the driver and increase safety for those on and around the vehicle.” says Jim Fecile, Rosco’s Public Safety Sales Manager.

The AccuStyle® FD offers upgrades including external LED signal lights, embedded LED signal lights, heated lens, motorized mirror heads, and embedded rear looking camera.