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Rosco, Inc. Showcases New Dual-Wall Rearview Mirror Arm And Camera Integrated Mirror at 2013 BusCon in Chicago

September 30th, 2013

Queens, NY – September 30, 2013 – Rosco, Inc., an automotive vision safety leader in backup camera systems and interior/exterior rearview mirrors introduced new vision safety products at this year’s BusCon Expo in Chicago. Rosco Vision Systems showcased their new Dual-Wall Rearview Mirror Arm and Camera Integrated Mirror. The Dual-Wall mirror arm was engineered as an improvement to the E-Z Bracket integrated mirror HD heavy duty mounting base which was already a standard for the Ford E-Series fender applications. The double wall design increases the stability to reduce vibration of the rearview mirror assembly during operation. Comparison studies of the before and after showed a tremendous difference in the amount of vibration experienced when the vehicle was in motion.

“The new Dual-Wall rearview mirror arm drastically reduces vibration for a better and efficient mirror system. The camera integrated mirror reduces blind spots in front of and on the passenger side of the vehicle without the addition of a separate crossview mirror system,” said Peter Plate, Rosco’s Director of Sales & Marketing.

The integrated mirror’s first camera is strategically placed on the bottom right corner of the mirror glass to cover blind spots along the passenger side of the vehicle. The second camera is placed on the back housing of the mirror head which covers the crossview area directly in front of the vehicle. Combined, this rearview mirror system eliminates the need of an additional crossview mirror on the vehicle which can often create new blind spots for the driver.

In addition to these new mirror products, the upgraded Dual-Vision™ XC with third camera capability was featured in the New Technology and Equipment Blast Off session. The Dual-Vision™ XC continuous automotive event recorder now comes with a new third camera option that is compatible with both interior and exterior cameras.

About Rosco, Inc.
Rosco, Inc. is North America's largest bus mirror manufacturer, and a vision safety leader in rear view cameras, automotive windshield based camera recording, rearview interior/exterior mirrors and sun visors in numerous bus, truck, specialty, recreational and military vehicle markets. Founded in Manhattan, New York in 1907 as a safety product manufacturer for the automotive and aeronautical markets, Rosco moved to its current location in Queens, New York in 1974. Over 100 years later, the company is the largest supplier of mirror systems to the North American school bus market, selling to all major OEMs and parts distributors including Freightliner/Thomas Built, Navistar/IC Corp., Blue Bird, AM General, and many others.