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Rosco Begins Shipping Dual-Vision™ XC Continuous Automotive Event Recorder with Third Camera Option

June 21st, 2013

Queens, NY – June 21, 2013 – Rosco, Inc., an automotive vision safety leader in backup camera systems, automotive windshield based camera recording, and rearview interior/exterior mirrors, announced that it began shipping the new Dual-Vision™ XC Continuous Automotive Event Recorder. The new Dual-Vision™ XC comes with a third camera option and is ideal for buses, trucks, limousines and all fleets. The third camera option can be installed anywhere inside or outside the vehicle for increased safety. The Dual-Vision™ XC, the latest generation in Rosco’s continuous dual video recording devices, gives fleet managers a tool to reinforce proper driving habits throughout their fleet while helping to keep drivers compliant with laws banning distracted driving behavior. By adding a third camera, Dual-Vision XC now becomes a more powerful recording device that can capture passenger, operational and other mission critical information.

“Over the past 5 years, Rosco has become the leader in windshield based automotive event recorders through its ability to offer a continuous and event -based video solution with no monthly fees,” said Peter Plate, Rosco’s Director of Sales & Marketing. “Rosco continues to invest in its products and services, resulting in new innovations that focus on preventing risky driving behavior and protecting fleets from false insurance claims.”

The Dual-Vision™ XC is Rosco’s signature line of continuous automotive event recorders (AER) and is engineered to elevate fleet safety. The XC devices capture interior and exterior footage, supply GPS information, and offer instantaneous feedback to drivers. Choose the best Dual-Vision™ high capacity recording system for your fleet requirements. This sleek device is easily positioned on the interior windshield with minimal visual obstruction. It records audio and video in a 310° range and shares alerts with drivers in real time, such as when speed limits are surpassed. A continuous recording system for commercial vehicles allows fleet managers to monitor dangerous driving habits as well as safe driving practices. It serves as a crucial training tool for both fleet managers and drivers. Dual-Vision™ AER models provide the digital footage that companies require, with as many as 160 recording hours available. They also assist commercial drivers in following federal laws regarding distracted driving and hand-held devices. Failure-to-comply fines negatively impact drivers and businesses, with potential fees in the thousands of dollars.

With Rosco’s Dual-Vision™ XC you gain a no-fee program for recording high quality images day and night. You receive a comprehensive array of data from the road. We integrate continuous automotive event recorders with reliable GPS tracking, which supplies key data on variables such as speed and direction. Information moves effortlessly from the device data card to the computer. 

About Rosco, Inc.  Rosco, Inc. is North America's largest bus mirror manufacturer, and a vision safety leader in backup camera systems, automotive windshield based camera recording, rearview interior/exterior mirrors and sun visors in numerous bus, truck, specialty, recreational and military vehicle markets. Founded in Manhattan, New York in 1907 as a safety product manufacturer for the automotive and aeronautical markets, Rosco moved to its current location in Queens, New York in 1964. Over 100 years later, the company is the largest supplier of mirror systems to the North American school bus market, selling to all major OEMs and parts distributors including Navistar/IC Corp., Freightliner/Thomas Built, Blue Bird, AM General, and many others.