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Mobileye Shield+ Technology Awarded “Best New Product” and Begins testing on New York City transit buses!

October 07th, 2015

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Queens, NY October 7, 2015 – Mobileye Shield+ Technology was featured on Eyewitness news! The pedestrian technology is currently being tested on MTA buses in New York City. View the full clip here.

“Multiple smart vision sensors manufactured by Mobileye are integrated with a driver interface manufactured by Rosco Vision Systems, to create the Mobileye Shield+ System”.*

The Mobileye Shield+ system is the latest technological advancement for preventing collisions between vehicles and vulnerable road users (VRU’s) including pedestrians and cyclists. The dynamic bus operating conditions on congested urban streets demand the highest level of visibility when operating the bus and especially when approaching VRU’s in complex bus turning patterns. Pedestrians and cyclists often are not seen by the driver due to the large blind spots when the bus is making turns on tight, busy city streets.

The Mobileye Shield+ Technology is a multi-vision-sensor solution that provides drivers with alerts when VRU’s are in blind spots or danger zones of the bus. The unique side-sensing feature alerts the operator to pedestrians and cyclists in the bus’ path, before an incident occurs, giving the operator time to react and mitigate the collision.

In addition to being in the news, Mobile Shield+ Technology was awared “Best New Product” at BusCon! One of the largest conventions in North America, each year, BusCon attracts representatives from public transit, paratransit, private charters, tour, corporate, intercity, senior and university transit industries.