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Achieving Vision Zero with Mobileye’s Shield+ Technology for Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety

June 30th, 2015

Queens, NY – Rosco Vision System’s Ben Englander, Vice President of Engineering participated in the panel “Using ITS to Improve Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety” at ITS Pittsburgh earlier this month. ITS America is the nation’s largest organization dedicated to advancing the research and deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to improve mobility, increase connectivity and build a safer, smarter, more efficient sustainable transportation system. Mr. Englander’s main focus on his presentation was Vision Zero, and how it can be achieved using proper camera sensor technology to avoid vehicle to pedestrian incidents.   

Vision Zero is a worldwide safety initiative that has also been adopted in the New York City Metro area whose mission is to end traffic deaths and injuries that occur on busy intersections.

Rosco has equipped a Vision Quest demonstration bus with Shield+ pedestrian detection technology by Mobileye. Shield+ is an amazingly simple LEFT, CENTER, and RIGHT alarm interface that communicates audio and visual alerts to drivers based on the location of pedestrians and severity of the incident. Utilizing an intelligent camera sensor that works like a bionic eye, the system identifies a diverse and extensive variety of potential dangers on the road, such as vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and more. When danger is imminent, visual and audible alerts warn the driver to make necessary corrections in sufficient time to avoid potential collisions or mitigate their severity. 

The Vision Quest bus has been on a national tour making stops at Washington DC, Boston, New York City, and Connecticut giving riders a firsthand experience of the Shield+ Technology. The Vision Quest bus demonstrates how the unique safety requirements of transit, school and other large vehicle operations can be addressed with the application of innovative technology.