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Rosco interior bus and truck mirrors offer a wide selection of product supported by numerous lens options and mounting solutions to make interior vehicle safety a top priority. Ranging from a 10” x 30” flat lens mirror with safety glass, to a 5” convex lens mirror with ball stud mount, Rosco has the correct mirror for your application. Options to consider are safety glass, non-glare glass, acrylic lenses, tamper proof fasteners, stanchion and ceiling mounts, and an assortment of brackets ranging from simple up/down pivots, to brackets allowing multi directional movement of mirrors with ball studs.

Rosco’s Military mirror line-up starts with the rugged and dependable Humvee mirror which Rosco manufactures for OEM production at AM General, and extends to a variety of other mirror products such as the General Dynamics Light Amour Vehicle (“LAV”) mirror. The LAV mirror utilizes a unique shatter proof, highly polished stainless steel mirror lens to combat armament recoil challenges, yet still provide images consistent with the highest quality glass lenses. Rosco capabilities include new designs for application specific purposes or current designs modified for a particular requirement. Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of military designs, please consult directly with Rosco on available product, replacement parts, channels of distribution, and new product opportunities.

Complimenting the “Mirrors By Rosco Style” section of this web-site, is Rosco’s standard school bus exterior mirror line-up consisting of the most comprehensive selection of products to support cut-away and full size school buses. Products include mirrors, arms, brackets and clamps for rear view applications to replace Rosco as well as competitive brand products. High quality of products backed by the industry’s best warranty, with quick turn around of orders, has led to customers coming back to Rosco standard school bus mirrors year after year.

Rosco’s standard transit bus mirrors are the industry’s most reliable brand with the greatest selection of sizes, features, options, and brackets for nearly every application imaginable. Rosco mirrors are manufactured with heavy duty construction to withstand the rigors of the transit environment and are typically finished in polished or brushed stainless steel, or black powder coat. Lens options are available through extra thick ¼” sizes and are typically simple and inexpensive to replace. Heat options are also available.

Complimenting Rosco’s line-up of AccuStyle OEM and Aftermarket mirror products for trucks, is Rosco’s standard mirror line-up consisting of West Coast, 8” and 6” convex wide angle and spot mirrors, lookdown mirrors, and many others. Rosco’s standard truck mirrors are the workhorses of the truck industry offering the highest quality and value, supported by a standard Two Year Warranty. Please see the Rebound product section for all truck rear cross view mirror products, and the Cameras product section for all truck camera products

Rosco lift truck mirrors and universal mounting brackets help to ensure safety with material handling equipment by providing exceptional views of surrounding areas behind these fast moving pieces of machinery.  The mirrors are constructed of convex acrylic “shatter proof” lenses to withstand the abuses of the lift truck work environment while the mirror backs are made from tough heavy gauge metal with a black powder coat finish.  Options for the food and drug industry include stainless steel or white mirror backs.  The universal mounting bracket which is available in a mirror kit, or independently, is designed to mount to any surface and features a telescopic arm to facilitate adjustment in nearly every direction.  The universal mounting bracket is made from heavy gauge steel to provide maximum mounting rigidity and vibration mitigation. 


Rosco’s new TC Dual Rearview Door Mirror System was designed specifically for Ford Transit Connect vehicles.  This system offers a generous mirror viewing area on two separately adjustable mirror heads allows drivers to optimize mirror angles and locations to cover all blind spots and danger zones.  Offering more than 50% more viewing surface area than standard mirrors, the TC Dual Rearview Door Mirror System will provide drivers enhanced safety through all maneuvers and operations.  The wider field of view and the exceptional stability allows the mirrors to provide a clear image of the passing lanes and blind spots around the vehicle leading to improved safety and faster driver reaction time.

Rosco also offers traditional walk-in van “Loop” style mirrors, and cargo van side window or “Sail” mount mirrors in models such as AccuStyle and EuroStyle, offering a variety of larger mirrors than typical OEM mirrors, but with many more options such as remote control, dual lens, heat, LED signal light, and long mirror arm lengths for wide vehicles and bodies.  The ReBound rear cross view mirror system for Walk-in vans can be found in the “Mirrors by Rosco Style” section of this web-site, while standard rear cross view mirrors for all vans can be found below.


Rosco offers the PerformaStyle mirror for use on new coach buses (more details on the PerformaStyle can be found in the Mirrors by Rosco Style page), and an assortment of replacement mirror heads, glass, and other parts for older coach buses.

The AccuStyle® mirror is a versatile and uniquely stylized product with application in nearly every industry. The AccuStyle® mirror head can be mounted on mirror arms which are 3/4” O.D. tube up through 1-1/8” O.D. tube via the removable clamp cover on the back of the mirror shell – making OEM installation as well as aftermarket retrofit a breeze. The AccuStyle® mirror can be mounted on a traditional arm or “loop” (two point mount), or can be a single point overhang or upright mount. Finishes are available in black and chrome.

The Aviastyle® mirror series was developed by Rosco at the request of Blue Bird Corp. Blue Bird was looking for a unique design that would be functional and aesthetically pleasing. The oval shape of our Aviastyle® mirror is reminiscent of the Blue Bird logo. The name Aviastyle® is derived from the Latin prefix “Avi” meaning bird. The aerodynamic oval shape provides a large viewing area for superior field-of-vision. This mirror design combined with our line of Spring-Break® mounting arms, provides a powerful viewing solution for today’s buses. The Aviastyle® mirror series is compliant with both FMVSS111 and CMVSS111.

  • Expanded mirror surface area provides superior field of vision.
  • Rigid construction provides clear, vibration-free images.
  • Molded from high impact, U.V. stabilized A.S.A. resin.
  • Flat and convex mirrors are both 4-way adjustable.
  • Stainless steel fasteners.
  • Modular construction eases installation and service.
  • Oval shape improves aerodynamics.
  • Spring-Break® breakaway arm provides mirror detent position.

  • The DuoStyle® mirror system is designed for the Thomas C-2 school bus. The modern mirror housings of the DuoStyle® are aerodynamically shaped and offer oversized lens surfaces with four way hand adjustability. Mirror head separation on a 1” tubular mirror arm offers forward sightline views between mirror heads while a solid two point mounting system is highlighted by a maintenance free arm pre-set mechanism. Options include heated lenses, and black or stainless steel mirror arms.

    Our most popular mirror in the school and transit bus industry. Used on full size and cut-away platforms and available in all configurations and for many other industries.

  • Classic 8"x15" dual mirror style available in upright or overhang formation.
  • Utilized across many industries, from small buses to full-size coaches and trucks.
  • 7"x9.5" flat mirror surface and 7"x4" convex mirror surface.
  • Available with single 7"x14" flat mirror.
  • Available in 12 and 24 volt, heated or unheated.
  • Access panel on housing allows easy electronic connection.
  • Wire harness is hidden in mirror housing and mounting arm.
  • 4-way adjustable motors.

    Add remote heated mirrors to existing trucks with Retrokitseries: complete kits to retrofit onto existing arms and loops, complete with easy to read instructions and all wires and switches to do a professional installation.

  • Asymmetric Cross View Mirror System
    The Eye-Max LP™ represents the next step in the evolution of cross view mirrors. It improves on the performance of the already successful Hawk-Eye and Mini-Hawk-Eye mirrors which have been the “Workhorses” of the school bus industry for the past fifteen years. The novelty of the Eye-Max LP™ is the revolutionary asymmetric shape of its mirror lens. Different sections throughout the mirror yield optimum viewing parameters for specific danger zones around the bus. These asymmetric mirror divisions are designed to increase image-size and coverage in all areas around the bus.

  • Enhanced definition (larger image) of passengers passing through the danger zones around a school bus
  • Lower profile reduces forward blind spots
  • Enhanced coverage of dangerous passing traffic on driver side during load and unload stops
  • Surpasses System “B” mirror requirements per FMVSS-111

  • Rosco’s Hummer / Humvee mirror line-up consists of the rugged and dependable Humvee mirror in green, tan and black finishes, and the uniquely designed commercial Hummer H1 mirror. Both mirror models are supplied directly to vehicle production lines at AM General. Aftermarket part information for the Humvee can be obtained by consulting with Rosco, while aftermarket parts for the commercial Hummer H1 can be obtained through authorized Hummer dealers.

    The development of the IntegraStyle™ concept coincided with the development of the Thomas® “New Look MVP” bus. Thomas® engineers were looking for a modern aerodynamic mirror system to complement the appearance and performance of their bus. In addition, they wanted a system that eliminated all the clutter associated with tubular mirror arms and braces. The IntegraStyle® mirror was the answer.

  • New, modern design compliments the aerodynamic characteristic of the vehicle.
  • No visible fasteners or wires.
  • Reduced maintenance required (fewer components due to integration of all 3 lenses in a single mirror head).
  • Highly reliable construction tested under extreme road and weather conditions.
  • Rigid structure prevents vibrations.
  • Housing made from heavy-duty A.S.A. injectionmolded resin.
  • Flat and convex mirrors are separately four-way motorized and heated with manually-adjusted units also available.
  • Break-away mechanism allows mirror head to “fold” upon collision with an obstacle, avoiding costly repairs.

  • Economical single flat lens in a clean, maintenance free housing with an omni-adjustable ball stud mount.

  • Economical ball swivel attachment allows simple retrofit on existing mounting arms.
  • Ball swivel allows maximum adjustment.
  • Aerodynamic design enhances overall appearance of bus.
  • Broad usage includes OEM’s and aftermarket.
  • Available in 12 and 24 volt, heated or unheated.
  • 9"x9" housing designed to utilize transit industry standard 8”x8” flat mirror glass.

  • The Open-View® mirror system is a dynamic two head mirror configuration which offers a “view” between flat and convex mirror heads for drivers who prefer to have a non-continuous image transition in the mirror lenses and adjustable forward sightline views around two separate mirror heads.  The standard Open-View® and oversized Open-View ES® (Equal Size) mirror heads are designed with a clean and simple modern shape, while maximizing viewable lens to housing size, and head to weight ratios.  The mounting application is 1” black or stainless steel O.D. tube.  The heads are available in all configurations ranging from hand adjustable, to heated, to heated/remote.


    The PerformaStyle® is an aesthetically pleasing aerodynamic and seamless assembly complimentary to the look of any modern and distinctive vehicle. Available for applications in RV, Transit Bus, Coach, and Speciality Vehicle, the PerformaStyle® offers front window viewing of the mirrors on both sides thus allowing drivers to keep their attention forward, where safety is maximized.

    The PerformaStyle® offers many standard features such as a dual lens configuration with an extra large 12” flat lens, and arm break-away in two directions. Optional features include heated lenses, four way remote control on all lenses, and LED signal light for integration with turn directionals. PerformaStyle’s® internal structure is made from alloys which maximize rigidity to weight ratio while the external housing is made from proven ASA for black or paint match finishes.

    The Rebound™ Mirror has a patent-pending spring loaded auto-return mechanism. This system brings the mirror back to its original position after an impact with another object.

  • Standard mirrors can get damaged upon impact and require adjustments.
  • High mounting position can lead to driver injuries during readjustment.
  • Pedestrians and property are in danger while mirrors remain unadjusted.
  • Automatic return mechanism keeps the mirror properly adjusted and functions in forward or reverse.
  • Heavy-duty construction withstands impacts and reduces breakage.
  • Contoured mirror arm protects the large 11” dia., mirror head.
  • Made in the U.S.A. from heavy-duty aluminum and polished stainless steel.

  • Drivers of mining trucks are often hindered by blind spots and lack of visual access to the ground. The CA1444F Remote Mirror provides drivers with confirmation of work areas and danger zones around the truck. Improve safety for both the driver and ground based workers with a remote control mirror that FITS your truck.
    · Dimensions: 44” x 14” x 9” (1118mm x 356mm x 229mm) · Weight: 70 +/- 5lbs. (32 +/- 2 kg)
    · Housing Material: Aluminum Alloy and ABS
    · Housing Finish: Black Polyester Powder Coating on exposed metal surfaces, tested for corrosion resistance in accordance with ASTM B117-90 (salt spray)
    · Hoist Attachment Preparation: M12 Threaded Hole (Top Access)
    · Mounting Requirements: Saddle Clamps (included) for Ø2.0” tubing
    · Lens Range of Motion: +/- 8° up/down; +/- 8° left/right
    · Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to 60°C
    · Storage Temperature Range: -40°C to 65°C
    · Voltage Range: 12V or 24V
    · Amp Draw Motors: 3.5A each at 12V
    · Amp Draw Total (with Heater Function): 12A
    *Mirror lens replacement does not require mirror head removal”


    Rosco Back-Up cameras provide the ultimate in image resolution, audio feedback, and low light / nighttime vision to ensure that your vehicle operates safely. Back-up cameras are available in black and white, and in color, and all have LED infrared sensors to provide optimal nighttime viewing. All back-up cameras come with a universal mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware to make the installation process as simple as possible. Cameras are available individually, or in a complete kit inclusive of a camera, monitor, interconnecting and power/signal harnesses, and owner’s manual.

    Rosco monitors are available in color LCD or black and white CRT displays in screen sizes ranging from 5” up through 9” (measured diagonally). Each monitor is designed to interface specifically with a Rosco back-up, front, or side view camera, and when purchased as a kit with the camera, also includes the harness and installation manual.  LCD monitors are available as standard with universal mounting brackets which allow for installation on any surface including a windshield, head liner, dash or console.  Most monitors have multi channel capability and RCA jack inputs for use of the monitor and primary camera with one or more secondary cameras on the vehicle, or with DVD players for entertainment purposes.  Multi channel switching on the monitor is automatic via electrical leads installed to the vehicle’s reverse or directional wiring circuits, or manually through a channel selector button on the face of the monitor.

    Rosco offers may styles of cameras in addition to rear back-up cameras. Side and front viewing cameras are available individually, or as compliments to complete vehicle systems which have monitors capable of receiving and switching signals from up to three cameras. Please consult with Rosco on your specific application and requirements.

    Rosco acrylic sun visor design and construction is based on the goal of reducing or eliminating sun glare from the driver’s environment with a transparent or opaque visor blade. Among the hundreds of standard visors available at Rosco, each one offers different dimensions, features and benefits to achieve the safest possible driving experience. Custom visors are also available to meet all customer dimensions and specifications and are made to order. Options include heavy duty mounting hardware, opaque black or Lexan blade material, and mirror clearance brackets.

    Rosco heavy duty padded sun visors are available in single or dual blade hand stitched vinyl. Visor design and construction is based on the goal of reducing or eliminating sun glare from the driver’s environment. Among the hundreds of standard visors available at Rosco, each one offers different dimensions, features and benefits to achieve the safest possible driving experience. Custom visors are also available to meet all customer dimensions and specifications and are made to order. All padded sun visors are equipped with a heavy duty ergonomic tightening knob for tension adjustments. Options include hinged plexi drop-down extensions, storage pockets, clip boards, heavy duty ergonomic tightening knobs, and magnetic lock blade storage assists.

    Type A C D, EuroStyle®, DuoStyle®, AviaStyle®, AccuStyle®, IntegraStyle® Rearview, HawkEye® Crossview.

    Full Size Transit, Cut-Away Shuttle, Paratransit. Featuring EuroStyle®, AccuStyle®, MetroStyle®

    Medium and Heavy Duty Truck, OEM and Replacement Mirror Systems Featuring AccuStyle®

    Walk-In Van, Cargo Van, Cut-Away Box Truck, Postal Service LLV/Windstar/CRV Featuring ReBound® & Mini-Loop®

    Coach and Commuter Bus Featuring PerformaStyle® and RviaStyle®

    Humvee and Other Military Mirror and Visor Products

    Emergency Rescue, Construction, Airport Ground Support, Agriculture, Forestry, and Mining

    Fork Lift Mirrors

    Class A Motor Home Featuring RviaStyle® and PerformaStyle®