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Unique and modern overhang mirrors for the discriminating Coach, RV or Transit vehicle operator.
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PerformaStyle mirror system on transit bus with flat black finish

The PerformaStyle® is an aesthetically pleasing aerodynamic and seamless assembly complimentary to the look of any modern and distinctive vehicle. Available for applications in RV, Transit Bus, Coach, and Speciality Vehicle, the PerformaStyle® offers front window viewing of the mirrors on both sides thus allowing drivers to keep their attention forward, where safety is maximized.

The PerformaStyle® offers many standard features such as a dual lens configuration with an extra large 12” flat lens, and arm break-away in two directions. Optional features include heated lenses, four way remote control on all lenses, and LED signal light for integration with turn directionals. PerformaStyle’s® internal structure is made from alloys which maximize rigidity to weight ratio while the external housing is made from proven ASA for black or paint match finishes.

PerformaStyle mirror system on transit bus with flat black finish
PerformaStyle right side mirror with flat black finish
PerformaStyle mirror system on RV in paint match finish
Performa® Style
8686/1 Replacement Glass, MCI No. 3A-22-68
8686/2 Rim, Bezel, MCI No. 3G-22-64
8686/3 Mounting Attachment for additional Mirror (i.e., No. 501D, 601D or 554DSS)
8686/4 Rubber Bumper Kit
8686L Left –side 9-1/2x9-1/2, replaces MCI No. 3G-22-9
8686R Right–side 9-1/2x9-1/2, replaces MCI No. 3G-22-13