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Designed for Blue Bird. These oval shaped mirrors are available in heated, hand adjustable or remote.
applicable to these industries
[transit shuttle bus] [school bus]
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The Aviastyle® mirror series was developed by Rosco at the request of Blue Bird Corp. Blue Bird was looking for a unique design that would be functional and aesthetically pleasing. The oval shape of our Aviastyle® mirror is reminiscent of the Blue Bird logo. The name Aviastyle® is derived from the Latin prefix “Avi” meaning bird. The aerodynamic oval shape provides a large viewing area for superior field-of-vision. This mirror design combined with our line of Spring-Break® mounting arms, provides a powerful viewing solution for today’s buses. The Aviastyle® mirror series is compliant with both FMVSS111 and CMVSS111.

  • Expanded mirror surface area provides superior field of vision.
  • Rigid construction provides clear, vibration-free images.
  • Molded from high impact, U.V. stabilized A.S.A. resin.
  • Flat and convex mirrors are both 4-way adjustable.
  • Stainless steel fasteners.
  • Modular construction eases installation and service.
  • Oval shape improves aerodynamics.
  • Spring-Break® breakaway arm provides mirror detent position.
    Aviastyl® passenger side, overhang mirror with Spring-Break® breakaway arm assembly.
    Aviastyle® driver side, upright mirror with nondetent, breakaway arm assembly.
    M917 Aviastyle®- 9"x17"upright, hand adjustable mirror.
    M917H Aviastyle®- 9"x17"upright, heated hand adjustable mirror.
    M917OG Aviastyle® -9"x17"overhang, hand adjustable mirror.
    M917OGH Aviastyle®- 9"x17"overhang, heated hand adjustable mirror.
    917 Aviastyle®- 9"x17"upright, remote mirror.
    917H Aviastyle®- 9"x17"upright, remote heated mirror.
    917OG Aviastyle®- 9"x17"overhang, remote mirror.
    917OGH Aviastyle®- 9"x17"overhang, remote heated mirror.